Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sprint final

What an exciting day. People running every where, wet cobble stones, possibility for collision. The sprint final had it all. The arena was the same as yesterday's qual but with a much more complicated start, run through and finish chute all in one.
Today Tash was off first and took the pressure well. She did unfortunately mp at the run through when her emit didn't register her punch :(
Krystal was off next and pushed hard all the way through the race. She was impressive through the spectator arena and finished well. Henry was next in the men and he too had an awesome run but said he was feeling tired. We are all super proud of all our sprinters today.

Tomorrow is the sprint relay, the most exciting race of the week, (what?? The long is not exciting?) the team will be Krystal, Henry, Simon and Tash. Go team!


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