Saturday, July 1, 2017

3 are in!

Today was the sprint qual and the first race for WOC. The weather was not kind and at points it was pouring which meant for a very slippery course. Simon, Belinda and Brodie ran hard and only just missed out on the final. Congrats to Krystal, Henry and Tash who had amazing runs and finish in the top 15. Tash was actually equal 15th which was very nerve racking as we waited to see if she was in or not.
We also had the opening ceremony after the qualification where the Estonian president opened WOC officially. Austria was a no show so Bridget was offered the Austrian flag for the March because         " you are like Austria, can you carry?".
Tomorrow the sprint final is in the afternoon so make sure you stay awake and cheer on the Aussies.
Krystal Tash and Henry

Stealing the signs for the teams that couldn't quite get to the March...

Austria owes Bridget a beer for this.

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  1. Congratulations on the sprint qual results everybody!